Magna Hospitality Group Team


Magna is managed by a talented and experienced team of seasoned hospitality professionals with an average of over twenty years of relevant experience. Each professional on the corporate team is an active investor in Magna’s hotel real estate investments. By virtue of their investment in each hotel, the Magna professionals’ interests are in direct alignment with Magna’s broader investment base. This investment structure provides Magna’s professionals with a vested interest not only in the “gross operating profit” or “net operating income” of each hotel, but more importantly, the net cash flow from hotel operations.

Magna’s culture is expressed through T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More. T.E.A.M. encourages individuals to succeed as part of a team and be less concerned with themselves as individuals. Only by contributing to the Team’s success will an individual provide herself or himself with the opportunity for personal growth, development, advancement, and financial reward. The T.E.A.M. culture is an integral component of Magna’s success, and it extends from Magna’s Leadership Committee through every Team member at our properties. The T.E.A.M. culture insures that if all team members (both corporate and property level) achieve personal advancement and financial gain, our hotel investments will be successful and our investors’ expectations will be realized.

Maintaining the T.E.A.M. culture is all about hiring the right people, both at the corporate level and the hotel level. Once hired, each corporate member is provided with an incentive plan carefully designed to enable them to create personal wealth, but only where true value and return on investment is generated for the investment group. At the property level, we challenge our professionals to balance the interests of our five “masters”: (i) our guests; (ii) our property level Team members; (iii) our franchisors; (iv) our lenders; and (v) our investors. Where we meet the often conflicting demands of these masters, we are guaranteed to enjoy success.

Dedication to this culture has enabled Magna to add value to all of its investments, to provide superior returns to its investors, and to create personal advancement for all of its professionals and team members, all while delivering an excellent experience to our guest that exceeds their expectations.